A range of GROW model coaching questions

Fundamental to the art of coaching is the question.

Coaching questions have a very specific nature about them:

1. They do not lead

2. They do not introduce ideas that were not there already

3. They are generally open

4. They avoid the question 'Why' as this is often received in a challenging way and can create defense.

5. They open thinking

Whilst there are many coaching models, one of most famous is the GROW model (Whitmore).

The list of questions below offer a good basis of coaching questions that can be used against the model.

  • Goal

What outcome do you want by the end of this coaching session?

What is the specific focus for this session?

What is the time frame?

How much do you want this on a scale of 1 - 10?

What would make it a 10?

  • Reality

What is the present situation in more detail?

What and how great is your concern about it?

Who is affected by this issue, other than you?

How much control do you personally have over the outcome?

Who else has some control over it and how much?

What action steps have you taken on it so far?

What stopped you from doing more?

What resources do you already have? Skill, time, enthusiasm, money, support, etc?

What do you need and where will get them?

  • Options

What are all the different ways in which you could approach this issue?

Make a list of all the alternatives, large or small, complete or partial solutions?

What else could you do?

What would you do if you had more time, a larger budget or if you were the boss?

What would you do if you could start again with a clean sheet, with a new team?

Would you like to add a suggestion from me?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these in turn?

Which would give the best result?

Which of these solutions appeals to you most or feels best to you?

Which would give you the most satisfaction?

What are you actually going to do?

  • Wrap Up

What are your criteria and measurements for success?

What could arise to hinder you in taking these steps or meeting the goal?

What personal resistance do you have, if any, to taking these steps?

What will you do to eliminate these external and internal factors?

Who needs to know what your plans are?

What support do you need and from whom?

What will you do to obtain support and when?

What could I do to support you?

What prevents this from being a ten?

When precisely are you going to start and finish each action step?

Is there anything else you want to talk about now or are we finished?

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