Coaching others through change

I recently overheard a person talk of their new promotion and how on their second day their perception was, “things will have to change around here”.

I didn’t get to find out how they would tackle this perceived need for change. I hoped they might have had some coaching skills up their sleeve (from their tone, I had a sinking feeling not!).

However it did get me thinking about how people sometimes “get” people to change, through forcing change or manipulating change, instead of using the power and simplicity of coaching.

We know through research that coaching is a great tool to help people in times of change. John McGurk, the CIPD’s adviser on learning and development agrees;

Coaching has great scope to improve employee engagement, empower people and boost morale at a time of great uncertainty. It can definitely help in times of change because coaching creates a lot of capability and changes mindsets.”


Coaching people through change

Tips on how to facilitate behaviour change through coaching

Get Clarity - Check your own attitude and belief system first! So get a coach to coach you through the GROW model for example, to explore your reasons for wanting this change in others.

Create the urgency – coach others to establish the existing issues with things as they are.

Engage - Ask those you are seeking change in for their ideas on how to achieve this. Group coaching using the GROW model can be really effective here.

So share your Goal (or agree as a group on a common goal). Then as a whole group (or break into pairs/threes) explore the current Reality – “What are we already doing that will help us achieve this goal?”

Then think of Options for how to change– “What are we good at?”, “What else can we do?” and agree on action for change. Finally, Wrap up – “What action will we commit to doing?”

Tip – When discussing the Goal keep the conversation on the vision (goal) and don’t get drawn into detail to early on. It can move into a moaning session if we are not careful.

Higher Reason– Help others think of the benefits of change for them - “What will this change give you?” “What will it enable you to do that you’re not doing now?”

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