Is the investment made in coaching training working?

In most cases the simple answer is No!

The simple reason is that 1 or ½ day training courses in coaching skills are not sufficient.

Most people recognise that coaching skills are a different way of working (moving away from the mentoring approach). The day course will allow us to recognise that and give us some basic coaching skills. But coaching is so much more than just asking the other person to solve their own problems. When they don’t, we stop using this valuable tool and return to what we know best – giving advice. The only problem is – we have tried that before. What happens when that doesn’t work?

So what is the answer?

Simple – Train people properly to use this highly effective skill. Allow them to learn how to coach effectively in a range of situations including a more challenging member of staff, by developing smaller groups of individuals to higher standards.

The evidence supports the use of coaching skills (see CIPD research) but only when the coach is competent. Vague versions of coaching or instant ‘so what would you do’ questions are not the types of coaching that elicit the best from individuals or demonstrates the success.

So whilst it may be appealing to cram as many people in a room as possible for the day to be trained as coaches, because it’s cost effective, it may not be the best use of finances.

Our experience shows that small group of highly trained coaches can have more of an impact in the organisation. They are able to get the best from others and in turn, disseminate their training and expertise to other small groups of staff.

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