Our 'Top 5 leadership skills'

Top 5 leadership skills

Leadership skills – 1. Vision planning

Knowing where you want to get to has to be in at number 1. If you are leading or managing a team or department, knowing where you want to lead it and how you envision the way it will function gives your day to day activity purpose. Many managers forget that they have a leadership responsibility as well as a day to day management responsibility.

So set the vision or better still, create a vision with your team so they play an empowered part of the process.

How to set a vision

Leadership skills – 2. Delegation

Taking on all the work yourself can be a common mistake and delegation is a critical leadership skill often underused. It happens for a variety of reasons. It’s quicker to do it myself, I’m not sure how to effectively delegate, I like to get my hands dirty, I don’t want to be dispensable.

Whatever the reasons, if we don’t delegate we are essentially saying we do not trust other people. Not the strong message we want to give to our teams.


Leadership skills – 3. Flexibility of style

Knowing what style to use when is in at number 3 of our key leadership skills. If the leader knows how to adapt to the situation and use the style appropriate to the situation or use ‘context management style’ then they are likely to meet the needs of that situation.

There is a lot of talk about adapting to the person and we should consider this but attempting to adapt to a team creates an issue. Also that we start to lose credibility if we are not true to ourselves when trying to adapt to each person can also create tension. So the adaption to the situation is both most effective and more easily accomplished for the leader.

Leadership styles

Leadership skills – 4. Understand motivation

Firstly, understanding our own motivation and then recognising the sorts of drivers that motivate others. There are many theories on motivation looked at in development training and leadership skills workshops and here is one of the more usable theories a leader can implement.


Leadership skills – 5. Build teams

And finally bringing it altogether to build an effective team that will be motivated and empowered enough to help you realise the vision through shared workload and a team approach.

Team building is more effective when carried out in the workplace that trying to bond on ‘away days’. Teams that focus on a common goal, have clarity of roles and agree the most effective processes are likely to succeed.

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