Outcome 1 
1.1 - Define what coaching and mentoring is within the context of an organisation and explain the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring


Coaching is not Training

While training and coaching both play an integral part towards learning, it is a different approach:

Coaching is about facilitating someone else's thinking and helping them learn on the job.Training is about teaching specific skills or knowledge – 

Training usually takes place off-site or in dedicated classes – Coaching takes place in the office and (when carried out by a manager) can be integrated into day-to-day workplace conversations.

Training is more typically carried out in groups – Coaching is usually a one-to-one process, tailored to the individual's needs.

Training is usually delivered by an external consultant or dedicated internal trainer – Coaching can be delivered by an external consultant or by a manager.



1.1 - Context, definition and difference 

1.2 - Barriers to using coaching 

1.3 - The case for coaching 

2.1  - Knowledge, skills and behaviour

2.2 - Effective communication 

2.3 - Responsibilities to manage relationships

3.1 - Review a model or process 

3.2 - Rationale for contracting 

3.3 - Exploring expectations and boundaries 

3.4 - Rationale for supervision 

4.1 - Review elements required for integrated coaching


4.2 - Analyse how benefits evaluated