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The OSCAR coaching model

The OSCAR Model The OSCAR model, like many other models creates a framework for questions but is not a list to be systematically followed. Models are however a great way to develop your coaching skills. Coaching conversations move naturally throughout the framework and may return to each stage at various points. The breakdown is as follows. OUTCOME (Your destination) - This is where you help the person clarify the outcomes (for the meeting and long term) around the issue they have raised. Short term (for this meeting): § What would you like to take from the meeting? Long Term (around the situation): § What is your long term outcome around this issue? § What would success loo

A range of GROW model coaching questions

Fundamental to the art of coaching is the question. Coaching questions have a very specific nature about them: 1. They do not lead 2. They do not introduce ideas that were not there already 3. They are generally open 4. They avoid the question 'Why' as this is often received in a challenging way and can create defense. 5. They open thinking Whilst there are many coaching models, one of most famous is the GROW model (Whitmore). The list of questions below offer a good basis of coaching questions that can be used against the model. Goal What outcome do you want by the end of this coaching session? What is the specific focus for this session? What is the time frame? How much do you want this on

What is coaching?

What is Coaching? Coaching is a way of treating people, recognising that they have knowledge, opinions, ideas, problem solving skills, beliefs and values of their own. Coaching is not about telling, but exploring the possibilities and options available to the other person through effective questioning. A coach does not have all the answers but the skills of enquiry to help another find them. Jackie Arnold states in Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace that "Coaching is a way of encouraging and supporting someone to achieve a goal or to develop or acquire skills. The focus of coaching is the individual being coached (the coachee). The coach makes interventions to support the coachee t

Coaching others through change

I recently overheard a person talk of their new promotion and how on their second day their perception was, “things will have to change arou

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