3.5 - Outline implications of the Data Protection Act for collecting, storing and using customer feedback

Importance of confidentiality:

Any information you have about customers is confidential and cannot be disclosed to anyone. 

Personal information includes both facts and opinions about your customers or information we have gathered from our customers. Gossiping about a student and their needs is a violation of the data protection act. 

Sensitive information about health, medical conditions, sexual orientation, etc may not be collected unless your customer has given consent and they have the right to 

  • Be informed of where the data is being held

  • A description of the data

  • The reason for the data

  • Whom the data has been disclosed to 

Information about customers that is stored must be kept confidential and must be dealt with in accordance with the requirements of data protection legislation

Customer data might include: address, telephone number, spending patterns, debt, credit and debit card details, details of purchases, medical information or even preferences.

In compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998:

  • Written documents kept under lock, 

  • Access is limited to authorised persons, 

  • Passwords must be used for access to computer information

  • Only relevant information should be recorded

  • Not passing information to unauthorised third parties