3.4 - Describe how to improve customer satisfaction

It does not take a lot to improve customer satisfaction.


The first point is easy.


Be ready to accept that we can always do more or be more effective.


Care about the customer. Recognise that they are important to the business and subsequently to you having a job. Without them, you do not work here anymore.


It starts by identifying where the lowest standard of customer service is in your workplace. That is the weakest link in the chain.


This may be interaction, clarity of information, no smiles, no basics of thanking the customers, signage, a lack of feedback from customers or bottle necks in the flow of service.


Once these have been identified then it is a matter of identifying what would be better and implementing that.


This may entail us:


  • Making sure we have positive body language and our approach to customers reflects their importance.


  • Ensuring we have efficient procedures.


  • Providing an even quicker service but not at the expense of the customer interaction (known as ‘head in the pasta service’).


  • Making sure there is accurate provision of information.


Find out from the customers what they want and how close we are currently to getting it right.


This might include: questionnaires, surveys or 1:1 chats.

Remember to include all aspects of the service including our interactions. Not just the food, price and speed.


Once this has been established, focus on adapting to meet the needs but remember, this must be consistent.