2.5 - Describe how to deal with difficult customer(s) behaviour

It is important to remain calm even if the other person is blaming you unnecessarily. They think they are in their rights to be angry.


It is very difficult but try not to take it personally. They are usually upset about the situation, not at you.


Listen closely to understand the problem.


Agree what the problem is without blaming the customer. This is to ensure you have understood fully and again they feel listened to and understood.


Always ask relevant questions. Try to find out as much information as you can. It shows you care and helps you to not jump in with a solution with only half the information about the problem.


Explain your reasons for all the actions you will take to resolve it. Don’t try to explain why it has gone wrong or try to justify too much, it does not help. Solve first, explain second. Try to give options of solutions or alternatives.


Remain courteous and professional, despite what you think of their behaviour.