2.4 - Explain how to effectively deal with complaints in own area of responsibility

Recognise complaints as important. Deal with any type of complaint quickly and take ownership of it. Follow up on the complaint to make sure it has been resolved.

Make sure you do not avoid minor complaints or divert them as just 'them winging again". Don’t just pass it to someone else but make sure it is within authority to deal with it.

Listen to the content of the complaint and try not to jump in with explanations, excuses or justifications.


Find out as much information as you can through questioning.


Own the problem.


Assure the customer you have taken it seriously and will aim to resolve the issue.


Give them a specific time frame if it won’t be immediately.


Share the complaint with others to help avoid it again.


Apologies where appropriate.


Solve first, explain why it happened second.


Keep the customer informed.


Consider how to best communicate with the customer (face-to-face, phone letter or email)


Follow up and check for satisfaction.


If the complaint cannot be rectified, arrange alternative and offer these to the customer.


Remember they are the customer and regardless of what you think, they think they have the right to make the complaint.


The customer is not always right, but don’t make them wrong.