2.3 Explain why it is important to meet or exceed customer expectations

Customer loyalty is likely to continue if we have given a high-quality service offer and we both meet and exceed the expectations.


Keeping the contract is a main priority. Using our reputation to create more contracts is the aim.

The reason we need to meet and exceed consistently (every service, every day, every week etc) is to ensure we minimise complaints, keep our customers loyalty and maintain a positive reputation (the customers influence the decisions of Head Teachers).

Customer dissatisfaction comes about when there is a failure to meet expectations in products supplied and/or service provided.  This may be an uncompetitive price charged for products and/or services or a mis-selling of products and/or services (unknowingly or deliberate).

It is also highly likely to happen when the customer does not feel they are being valued as a customer.  This is often due to inappropriate customer interactions. 

For example, no eye contact, no greeting, frustration at questions, a surly attitude, negative body language.

The potential consequences are damage to organisation’s reputation; loss of income and customers; fall in profits; loss of staff (redundancies, staff leavers); demotivation of staff and finally a loss of contract.

It is important of course to know what the expectations of your customers actually are, not just what you think they are.