2.2 Identify the needs and expectations of a customer

Give some thought to your customers.


Think about the needs and expectations of children as customers.


They may want a speedy service to get outside and have a break

They may want a range of food from hot/cold to snacks and main meals

This range might extend to drinks

They may want you to be cheerful and pleasant

They may focus on the need for you to chat and acknowledge them

They may want you to take their culture into account


Adults as customers


Their focus may be on value for money

They may put healthy options higher on their lists of need and expectations

The above may be important to them but in different levels of importance


You could also consider:


Customers with specific dietary needs

Customers with specific needs


Our aim would ultimately be to treat every customer as an individual and this is very often expressed as the 'right thing to say'. However, until we recognise aspects that are common to the customers we provide for and without detailed knowledge and experience of needs, wants and expectations we should use the basic characteristics as a start point.

For example:

  • Are all our customers interested in price?

  • Are they the same age?

  • Are they interested in taste?

  • Is speed of service important to them?

  • Do they benefit from clear signs?

  • Will they tell you if they are dissatisfied?

  • Do they make direct complaints?

  • Are they interested in value for money?

  • Are they interested in nutrition?

Remember you have a range of customers so they may share different common characteristics.

Think about the characteristics of the teachers, the students, the parents that visit.