1.5 - Describe examples of good practice in customer care

Look though the information and try to give some examples of when you have delivered on these.


People often think that good customer service is just about giving the customer what they want, when they want it. We know that it is not always that simple. So really good customer service is about reacting to changing situations positively and anticipating how to deal with our customers.



Preparing for customers is about the physical environment (see below) but it also about preparing yourself mentally to make sure you are in the right frame of mind to give your customers a positive experience.


There is no excuse for bringing all your personal issues into work and the customer being on the receiving end of your mood.


Your attitude towards your customers is critical for the quality of your service. Other areas of preparation will include:


Your work area:

It should be clean (spilled food wiped away), tidy (utensils that are not being used or produce that is finished with, stored away), safe (spills dealt with, hot areas clearly signed, sharp edges dealt with and away from the customer), well lit (for clarity and safety), clearly signed (letting the customer know what is offered, understandable for the customer and presented in a way that gives them a chance to find out what is offered in a short space of time).



Uniform clean (ironed and unstained), jewellery off (health & safety basics), hat on (hygiene and appearance), nails and hands clean and washed (nobody wants food from dirty hands), smile on your face (it doesn’t cost anything and shows the customer you regard them as a customer – not an inconvenience)



Cooked, hot enough (where appropriate), enough of it, well presented, clearly signed, nutritional/dietary needs accounted for.

Dealing with the customer

Polite even under challenging circumstances

Good eye contact and communication

Solving problems efficiently and effectively