1.4 - Outline common barriers to good customer care

Sometimes we are hindered even if we want to offer the best service. These barriers can include:

Unmanageable and restrictive organisational policies and procedures and mean we cannot work with or help the customer effectively

Inadequate customer service systems or procedures that give clear guidance on how to work with customer issues

Staff problems (unclear lines of responsibilities and levels of authority meaning staff will not help a customer directly but pass them on and delay the customer getting satisfaction)

Staff shortages, competence levels and knowledge leading to delayed delivery or staff unable to do the job required

Lack of incentives leading to reduced motivation or a lack of recognition for wanting to work well with customers

Use of jargon and/or abbreviations the customer won’t understand leading to confusion

Poor customer service culture (I don’t get paid enough to care about the customer), which impacts directly on the customer interaction and any attempts to solve problems

Poor communication between colleagues and with customers which can lead to a delay in information, lack of information or inappropriate communication to the customer

These are barriers that we should be aware of but they are not a list of acceptable excuses.  The professional that truly wants to deliver high quality customer service does so despite these barriers