1.3 Explain the benefits of an organisation having customer service standards

For the customer:


Customer service standards will help influence the expectations your customers have for your organisation. If they know that the maximum wait time for a response from your service organisation is eight business hours, then they are likely to not get upset when you haven’t responded within two.


They set out how can expect to be treated and dealt with as a customer. Of course, this is only effective if staff actually see through the standards


For staff:


It would be great if every staff member carried out excellent customer service and we all interpreted excellence in exactly the same way. The reality is we don’t, and because of that we need to set a level of expectation for our employees on what qualifies as a good standard. Customer service standards do just that by setting the minimum expectation of what is acceptable in the role they are performing.


Some people will do the minimum required (it’s just natural for some people), so by having a high standard of expectation, even the minimum would be of a decent standard.


Having customer service standards will help set the expectations both for your customers and employees. But, as mentioned before, the one thing to remember is that no matter what you put on a piece of paper or on a web page, the experience customers have with your service is going to end up being the ‘standard’ long term. Be sure that you are consistently delivering an exceptional experience, and the rest will fall in place.