2.1 Identify indicators of underperformance in relation to own team

According to DuBrin (2008), poor performance is an ineffective job performance that does not meet the required standards for achieving the organisation objectives.

Indicators can be numerous but they are essentially where a team does not meet the expectations of the manager or organisation when performing the job as a whole.

For managers in catering for example, this might include where the team is rushing (excessively) to prepare for service and that might lead to a poorly delivered service in terms of customer care.

In production, the same rushing to produce components can lead to a number of poorly assembled items or a drop in the numbers expected to be produced.

Teams are not talking to each other either due to personal issues or because they are not viewing themselves as a team. This can lead to mistakes being made with orders, preparation or quantities. 

Negative behavior towards the job itself, others around them and the company as a whole can indicate under performance. This might also include a lack of willingness to try new things or make changes. 

Teams might be under performing in the quality of what they produce and therefore present to the customer.

Other indicators might include lateness or poor appearance of individuals.

Indicators a team might be under performing might be related to deadlines being missed or work being carried out last minute.


Drop in management performance might include a lack of communication or a drop in 'people awareness'. That is they lose sight of the need to support and challenge staff and offer appropriate feedback on performance as well as giving direction.


Tip -

Remember to give details about the points you mention

Give examples from your team

Remember to discuss team underperformance as well as individual underperformance.